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This is the webpage for Ares gameclub, where people with a mutual interest in board and roleplaying games can meet and play games. We also posts game related content on this page.

You can find our official facebook group here. This group is for gamerelated topics. Other topic and especially politics belong elsewhere.

Ares was founded on the 7th of May in 1981 and is now extended to two regular gaming clubs, where we play board games and run a couple of regular RPG campaigns. Both gaming clubs hold a considerable collection of board games.

Ares Bjølsen meets every Wednesdays and  roll dice from about 5PM to 10 PM, at Sarpsborggata 7, inside the apartment building (house situated in the backyard). The club is open all year except during Christmas and when holidays coincide with Wednesday.
The 37 and 54 bus stops at Bjølsen.

Contact person: Tor Øyvind 913 26 257

Bjølsens game collection can be found here:                 

Ares Blindern meets every Tuesdays at about 5 PM and continue playing to 11PM. It is normally closed during Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.
We’re meeting in tha basement of Vilhelm Bjerknes house (RF kjellern), Moltke Moes v 35. Take the metro to Blindern or tram 17 and 18 to Blindern.
Contact persons: Bernt Ivar 45472345 and Thomas 90408411

Tinnsoldaten spillklubb meets every Sunday at 5 pm in Midtoddveien 12, Trikkehallen (Tram hall). Here you can find roleplaying games, boardgames, miniaturegames/tabletop and painting of miniatures. Contact person is Tomas Mørkrid, 94822038.

Membership cost is 150 NOK per year. For students and everyone no more than 25 years of age it is just 50 NOK pr year.

Ares is a member of Hyperion (, that is an interest group for fantastic interests.
Organization number is 995070065


  1. Hi Sirs,
    I am Gerson Monteiro, from Rio de Janeiro/BRASIL.
    I have been trying to be in contact with you to see if you would be possible an Wargaming event in Oslo/NO…


    All the best!

  2. hi Gerson, I would love to play something with you. But not right now. My “dancecard” has 7 campaigns running for the time being. But maybe someone else in the club might be interested?
    cheers Fred

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